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Florida State has very strict fines and charges for criminal activities. Regardless of the crime or charge or circumstances, it is of the utmost importance that you consult with a law professional to determine the proper conduct and next steps involved in your case. Retaining and consulting a credible and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Orlando is essential to success in your case and avoiding fines and even jail time.

As soon as you charged with a crime, you have to be proactive in consulting with a lawyer to ensure you receive all your permitted constitutional rights. You also need to address your case as soon as possible and discuss it with your lawyer to consider the complex legal process in a criminal defense case. A qualified, experienced defense lawyer can help to reduce the charges or penalties you face or may even have the charges dropped altogether. Further to this, competent defense lawyers can help to clear your record and give you the best possible outcome in these stressful life events.

Orlando and the State of Florida have strict penalties for all crimes, including minor crimes such as theft, certain drug offenses or DUIs. Your conduct throughout the legal process can weigh on the outcome in the case; this is why it’s so important to hold proper legal representation. Once charged with a crime, prosecutors may use intimidation tactics on those accused, as the average person often lacks knowledge of certain legal processes in the criminal defense system and litigation. This is why it is so important to seek proper representation in order to try for the best possible outcome in your legal case. Everything said and done is possible evidence and action with a courtroom. You need support navigating the complex legal system and being cognizant of all your activities and decisions prior to and during a court proceeding. Prosecutors and a Defense Team often hold negotiations during the case to determine whether the case will go to court or be settled through a plea bargain. A plea bargain often benefits an individual charged and can results in a reduced sentence or fine. So, it is in the best interest to the defendant that a defense lawyer access all possible outcomes and options for their defendants.

Jerry Jenkins has the necessary experience required to help you. He can access and determine the best course of action based on your individual circumstances. For proper representation handling your case, contact the Law Office of Jerry Jenkins today.

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Jerry Jenkins - Criminal Defense in Orlando Florida

Being accused of a crime carries with it potentially serious implications for the accused’s future. Whether you are being charged with a crime, you’ve been arrested or indicted, or even if the police want to talk with you regarding a situation you had involvement with, it’s important to discuss your case with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Orlando. Anyone being charged with a criminal suit has the right to consult with a lawyer, who can help to ensure that you receive all the constitutional protections you are entitled to. When being charged there are many different aspects of the case to consider, and it’s important to have an understanding of the legislative process before making any crucial decisions in your criminal defense case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will help you decide how to plead, and can often argue with Orlando prosecutors to reduce the charges or penalties being sought, or even get your charges dropped altogether. The best criminal defense lawyers will try to keep your record clear and minimize any penalties you might face.

Orlando and even the state of Florida is notorious for being particularly harsh on petty crimes, including certain drug offenses, theft, DUI’s, and other crimes which might be handled differently by other states. The criminal justice system can be somewhat complex, and there are many ways which one can unintentionally incriminate themselves. If you are charged with a crime, you may be subject to certain intimidation techniques used by prosecutors and police as they try to exploit the average citizen’s lack of knowledge about litigation and the criminal defense system. Every word you say can have a potentially serious impact on the outcome of your case, and no one should be forced into making these decisions without fully understanding their rights – thus making it all the more imperative to consult with an Orlando-based criminal defense lawyer. Aside from advising you on the specifics of your case, they can also work with prosecutors on your behalf. The negotiations that occur between defense and prosecution will help determine if the case needs to go to trial or if a plea bargain can be reached. It is often in the best interest of Orlando prosecutors to reach some sort of bargain where the accused will receive a reduced sentence or fine, and with a skilled attorney representing you, possibly even reduced charges.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Jerry Jenkins can help you with your criminal defense claim. Often there are procedures that police are supposed to follow and when even the slightest error is made, it can completely invalidate the evidence in question. For aggressive, reliable representation for your criminal defense case in Orlando or Florida, contact The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins today.

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Orlando Florida Criminal Lawyer

The Orlando greater region is home to upwards of 2.1 Million residents according to the 2010 US Census. A more recent 2014 US Census registered a population of 262,372 in the City of Orlando and much like any large urban sprawl, Law Enforcement deal with a variety of issues and make no shortage of arrests. In the 2014 year, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement registered a total of 54,448 Arrests in Orange County alone. Police have a duty to protect and serve the community, while this is the case; citizens also have the right to an attorney when they are being charged with a crime. The state of Florida is tough on crime, particularly Drug Crimes where possession of small quantities of elicit or controlled substances can result in harsh sentences.

If you are being charged with a crime in the Orlando area, it is important to secure the services of a skilled defense attorney. Once you're arrested in Orlando, there a number of possible outcomes that are dependent on the severity of the crime, circumstances surrounding the incident and your history. While Orlando may be known for it's tourist attractions and 'Magic', making charges simply disappear is no easy task. Because the Criminal Justice system is so complex, navigating it without a fierce, knowledgeable advocate greatly reduces your chance of receiving the best possible outcome. The protocol following an arrest includes being booked and assessed. If the crime is considered to be non-dangerous, the possibility for release exists. Otherwise it is likely the Judge will set a bail amount. Following the preliminary hearing is an arraignment and from this point on, every decision matters.

With extensive experience as both a military policemen and assistant state attorney in Florida, Jerry Jenkins possesses invaluable knowledge and a unique skill set that differentiates him from his counterparts. Jenkins investigative experience allows him to assess each case and carefully comb through the facts to increase your chance of receiving a plea-bargain or case dismissal. In any event, Jerry will use his knowledge of how the system works on a state and local level to minimize the adversity you experience when being charged with a crime. There are a wide variety of procedures which must be followed by Law Enforcement and when those are not done 'by the book', Jenkins utilizes these opportunities to highlight the flaws of the states case.

Prior to a trial, the exchange that takes place between the defense and prosecution can often eliminate the need to go to trial or give the defense more leverage when the trial takes place. It is important to consider all of this if you or a loved one is being charged with a crime. Jerry offers reliable representation for a wide variety of crimes including but not limited to crimes against other persons, property crimes, drug crimes and white-collar crimes. Of the 54,448 arrests in Orange County last year, 4,826 involved a juvenile offender. The procedures for Juveniles differ from adults and Jerry has the expertise to reduce the impact being charged with a crime can have on the life of a young person. Each courthouse is a unique terrain and the best way to achieve a favorable outcome is by having a strong guide familiar with the region to make sure you're best interests are represented throughout the process.

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Overview of Criminal Appeals – Orlando Criminal Appeals Attorney

After you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may have the option of appealing your case to a higher court. Criminal appeals are different from trials. In a criminal appeal, the higher court will review certain facets of your case for any legal error that was made during trial on part of the smaller court. The legal error must have been significant enough in order to warrant a review. In order to appeal your case, you must fulfill two requirements:

1)Evidence does not support the verdict
2)The lower court made a plain error

During an appeal, the appellant argues over the mistakes made during trial which ultimately affected the jury’s decision and the sentence imposed. It’s important to remember that an appeal does not mean an opportunity to provide new evidence. The court will review the case by looking at the records (i.e. transcripts, documents, etc.) and proceedings provided by the lower court and will not bother to look at any new evidence that may pop up in the case. Appeals differ from trials. Criminal appeals primarily focus on the facts of the case presented at trial. Criminal appeals don’t try to challenge the trial verdict, instead they challenge the sentencing.

In order to make a decision on the appeal, the appellate court will consult the record and briefs written by both sides stating their case.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime and would like to file an appeal in Orlando, contact the Orlando criminal appeals attorneys at the law offices of Jerry Jenkins. The law office will study your case and provide you with the advice you seek in order to let you know whether or not the court’s ruling will allow for a criminal appeal.

It’s important to remember that there is a deadline for filing an appeal which is typically thirty days from a final judgment. This provides enough time for a criminal appeals attorney to review the case and provide advice on whether you should pursue an appeal. In order to learn more about criminal appeals, contact our Orlando Criminal appeals attorney for more information.

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