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Florida State has very strict fines and charges for criminal activities. Regardless of the crime or charge or circumstances, it is of the utmost importance that you consult with a law professional to determine the proper conduct and next steps involved in your case. Retaining and consulting a credible and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Orlando is essential to success in your case and avoiding fines and even jail time.

As soon as you charged with a crime, you have to be proactive in consulting with a lawyer to ensure you receive all your permitted constitutional rights. You also need to address your case as soon as possible and discuss it with your lawyer to consider the complex legal process in a criminal defense case. A qualified, experienced defense lawyer can help to reduce the charges or penalties you face or may even have the charges dropped altogether. Further to this, competent defense lawyers can help to clear your record and give you the best possible outcome in these stressful life events.

Orlando and the State of Florida have strict penalties for all crimes, including minor crimes such as theft, certain drug offenses or DUIs. Your conduct throughout the legal process can weigh on the outcome in the case; this is why it’s so important to hold proper legal representation. Once charged with a crime, prosecutors may use intimidation tactics on those accused, as the average person often lacks knowledge of certain legal processes in the criminal defense system and litigation. This is why it is so important to seek proper representation in order to try for the best possible outcome in your legal case. Everything said and done is possible evidence and action with a courtroom. You need support navigating the complex legal system and being cognizant of all your activities and decisions prior to and during a court proceeding. Prosecutors and a Defense Team often hold negotiations during the case to determine whether the case will go to court or be settled through a plea bargain. A plea bargain often benefits an individual charged and can results in a reduced sentence or fine. So, it is in the best interest to the defendant that a defense lawyer access all possible outcomes and options for their defendants.

Jerry Jenkins has the necessary experience required to help you. He can access and determine the best course of action based on your individual circumstances. For proper representation handling your case, contact the Law Office of Jerry Jenkins today.

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