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It is common knowledge that drinking alcohol impairs one’s judgement. Despite this, many people still operate motor vehicles after drinking and if caught, they can face serious consequences. In Orlando and Florida overall, the fines and penalties for being caught DUI (driving under the influence) can be very harsh. Without a skilled DUI lawyer representing you, it can be difficult to fight these convictions and prove your innocence. There are many different aspects of any case to consider, and the majority of the evidence used against you in court is taken when you are pulled over. That includes any roadside tests they give you, the breathalyzer, and any statements made during this process. An experienced DUI lawyer in Orlando has been through the courts and had to look at every possible defense for a DUI ticket. With their experience, they can investigate your specific situation and the evidence that prosecutors will use, and determine the likelihood of getting this dismissed.

Being considered DUI is not particular to alcohol use, however. If you are under the influence of any illegal substance, a medication not prescribed to you, or even legal remedies which are known to be mind-altering (think salts & designer drugs), you still run the risk of receiving this offense if you drive a vehicle. Because the effects of some of these medicines are still being reviewed and certain drugs are relatively new to Florida and America in general, there is potential to invalidate a conviction. A skilled DUI lawyer can help you navigate the specific schedules of certain substances and the legality of operating vehicles while intoxicated by them. While alcohol is certainly the #1 culprit in Orlando DUI cases, using any mind-altering substance before operating a vehicle puts you at risk of receiving a DUI ticket.

If you’ve been ticketed for DUI in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida, it’s important to be knowledgeable about DUI law in your region. The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins aggressively advocates for clients facing DUI charges in Orlando and can help you determine any possible defenses.

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