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The Orlando greater region is home to upwards of 2.1 Million residents according to the 2010 US Census. A more recent 2014 US Census registered a population of 262,372 in the City of Orlando and much like any large urban sprawl, Law Enforcement deal with a variety of issues and make no shortage of arrests. In the 2014 year, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement registered a total of 54,448 Arrests in Orange County alone. Police have a duty to protect and serve the community, while this is the case; citizens also have the right to an attorney when they are being charged with a crime. The state of Florida is tough on crime, particularly Drug Crimes where possession of small quantities of elicit or controlled substances can result in harsh sentences.

If you are being charged with a crime in the Orlando area, it is important to secure the services of a skilled defense attorney. Once you're arrested in Orlando, there a number of possible outcomes that are dependent on the severity of the crime, circumstances surrounding the incident and your history. While Orlando may be known for it's tourist attractions and 'Magic', making charges simply disappear is no easy task. Because the Criminal Justice system is so complex, navigating it without a fierce, knowledgeable advocate greatly reduces your chance of receiving the best possible outcome. The protocol following an arrest includes being booked and assessed. If the crime is considered to be non-dangerous, the possibility for release exists. Otherwise it is likely the Judge will set a bail amount. Following the preliminary hearing is an arraignment and from this point on, every decision matters.

With extensive experience as both a military policemen and assistant state attorney in Florida, Jerry Jenkins possesses invaluable knowledge and a unique skill set that differentiates him from his counterparts. Jenkins investigative experience allows him to assess each case and carefully comb through the facts to increase your chance of receiving a plea-bargain or case dismissal. In any event, Jerry will use his knowledge of how the system works on a state and local level to minimize the adversity you experience when being charged with a crime. There are a wide variety of procedures which must be followed by Law Enforcement and when those are not done 'by the book', Jenkins utilizes these opportunities to highlight the flaws of the states case.

Prior to a trial, the exchange that takes place between the defense and prosecution can often eliminate the need to go to trial or give the defense more leverage when the trial takes place. It is important to consider all of this if you or a loved one is being charged with a crime. Jerry offers reliable representation for a wide variety of crimes including but not limited to crimes against other persons, property crimes, drug crimes and white-collar crimes. Of the 54,448 arrests in Orange County last year, 4,826 involved a juvenile offender. The procedures for Juveniles differ from adults and Jerry has the expertise to reduce the impact being charged with a crime can have on the life of a young person. Each courthouse is a unique terrain and the best way to achieve a favorable outcome is by having a strong guide familiar with the region to make sure you're best interests are represented throughout the process.

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