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Auto Accidents

If you or someone you know has been injured in a vehicle or motorcycle crash, then serious decisions are being made. Your life is usually effected in many ways including your ability to work.

The first decision to be made is should I seek medical attention. You should always seek medical attention following an accident even if you think it's something minor. Severe injuries are not always immediately known at the scene. It's always best to be evaluated and the doctor not find anything, than not to be evaluated and later a major condition develops.

Insurance companies have been notorious for not explaining what your insurance policy contains. It's a lot of numbers and acronyms that people outside their circle don't understand. The insurance policy coverage is important and you understanding it is extremely important at The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins.

The law requires minimum coverages and mandates that your insurance company comply with certain things including the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws. Florida Statute Ch. 627. The Florida "No-Fault" law.

Additionally, just so you understand the complexity that they make every thing. You may have a Bodily Injury (BI) claim against the other person's insurance carrier. You may have a Property claim. You could have MedPay Coverage or Uninsured Motorist Coverage that would kick in.

The insurance company is trying to limit their loss as much as possible. They are not there to give you legal advice. Before you make a decision on what to do you should contact The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins. When Every Decision Matters You .... Need Someone on Your Side.

At The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins, the objective is to help you through the process and take as much burden off you as possible. I will deal directly with the insurance companies on your behalf. I will collect necessary documentation to fight for your right to just compensation including payment for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage.

What Should I do if involved in an Accident