Back to School

It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks we will be back to school. Somehow it feels as though the summers get shorter and shorter these days, or at least that’s what my kids keep telling me! Are you ready for your kids to get back into their routine, or are you wishing you had just a little more quality time together? This year our household will have a Highschool Senior and we are excited to experience all of those end-of-high-school activities.

As a firm, we are looking forward to thanking teachers before the new school year gets started by hosting a drive-thru appreciation breakfast at our office. We have put together gift bags for the teachers and can’t wait to just give them a personal “thank you” for all that they do for us and our kids. Two of my sisters are teachers and I get to hear first-hand about the number of hours they put into their lesson planning and being there for their students.

A few safety measures to keep in mind of when school starts back up:

Traffic will be increasing, so pack your patience with you each morning. A lot of kids and parents may not know where they are going for the first few days;
Watch out for pedestrians. Many children will be walking and riding their bikes around school areas and there are not crossing guards at every crosswalk;
Research your county’s revised COVID policies. I believe most counties have now decided to make masks optional for kids in schools, so it will be up to each parent and student as to what works best for their family; and
Remember to slow down in the school zones. Most posted school zones reduce speed to just 10-15 miles per hour.

Finally, don’t forget the Florida Government has set aside ten days this year for the back-to-school tax holiday. The dates that have been given are July 31 through August 9. During this time, many school supply items, clothing, shoes, and even computers, can be purchased with no tax or reduced tax. To view the full list of items, visit and get more information.

Here at the Law Office of Jerry Jenkins, we sincerely hope all of you and your kids have a great start to the next school year. And teachers and support staff, we can’t thank you enough!