Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

By: Janelle Squire, Associate Attorney

With so many options out there, injury victims are typically left with their heads spinning as to not only what to do after an accident, but what doctor to see, and what lawyer to hire. Smaller firms can’t compete with the advertising budgets of the big box firms, but that doesn’t mean that they are not competent lawyers and not able to provide an excellent level of service to their clients. So, why should you hire a small firm after an accident?

  1. Frequent Communication

The number one complaint that clients make to the Florida Bar (which governs all Florida lawyers) is “lack of communication.” Clients state that they haven’t heard from their lawyer in months, they don’t return phones calls, and they never get to speak directly to their attorney. Clients are so frustrated over the fact that it is only by way of the assistant or paralegal that they get their information. At large firms, the lawyers are simply too busy to directly communicate with clients and they have no choice but to delegate much of the communication with clients to their staff to handle.

At our firm, you will always have direct communication with your attorney. I take pride in the fact that clients do not have to wait to get their questions answered or be stressed for days waiting for a return phone call. My clients have my direct number, which comes to my personal cell phone, and I can usually respond within minutes.

  1. Superior Customer Service

As mentioned above, frequent communication is the most important service we can provide our clients with, and we are proud to be able to give that to them. In addition, we are flexible to our clients’ needs surrounding meetings and give them options on where to meet and how to meet, whenever its necessary. We understand that it may be more convenient to get together at the neighborhood coffee shop or have a virtual meeting, because it’s impossible to meet in person or their schedule makes it difficult.

  1. Not just a Number

Another complaint mentioned by clients of large firms have been that they felt like “just a number” and that the law firm did not really care about them as an individual.

In contrast, at our firm, we do not take on hundreds of cases and bog ourselves down to the point where we cannot provide our clients with our best. We make sure every client and every case get the attention they deserve. We truly want to provide our clients with the best experience and make them feel like family.

  1. Possibly Faster Results

Faster results cannot be guaranteed, because much of the case deals with medical treatment and that typically cannot be rushed. But we do find that with more frequent communication and the ability to review files more often, a higher percentage of cases are able to get resolved much quicker.

Again, there are many options, and the commercials and billboards can be very convincing, but in the end, you should choose the attorney considering all the factors above and not just how often you see their advertisements. The personal touches a small firm can provide will get you the results and the experience you need during the stressful times following an injury. We look forward to serving you in any way we can.