Criminal Appeals

Orlando, FL Criminal Appeals Attorney

Appeals are a separate matter from the trial.  Appeals concern a matter that the trial court ruled on that was contrary to the law or some form of misconduct by the prosecutor.  However, the error has to be substantial and not just what is called harmless error or something trivial when compared to the rest of the case.  Lastly, the error must be subject to review by the appeals court.

The law office will evaluate you case and advise you whether it is of the opinion that the court’s order or ruling was substantial enough for an appeal.  Specifically, your case will be evaluated for any errors in the following areas pre-trial motion orders, plea negotiations, jury selection, trial, sentencing, and post trial motions.

The Appellate rules require adherence to strict deadlines.  Except in extraordinary cases, a Notice of Appeal has to be filed within 30 days.  After that it will be the attorney’s job to order and review all the evidence and testimony.

The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins, PA will evaluate your appeal and file an appeal to protect your rights.