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Is your past haunting your present? Maybe you are trying to apply to a professional school, or want to interview for specific job but a misdemeanor, or other blemish, from years ago is preventing you. Maybe you’re just tired of the fact that your record is publicly available, and anyone who wanted to could look up your past mistakes.

In Florida, after expunging or sealing your record, your information will no longer be publicly available. This means that the public is no longer able to gain access to your record, and the government is prohibited from giving out the information. This can prove a great relief when you are trying to get a new apartment, job or qualification, or just want to erase something embarrassing.

You may be interested in expunging your record if:

  • You’ve been arrested once or more
  • The public record reflects your arrest(s)

Two methods of erasing the arrests on your record are sealing and expungement.

In Florida, it is possible to be found guilty of a crime but not convicted. If this has happened to you then you would seek to seal your public record, meaning government agencies may keep a copy of your record on file, but must make access to those records confidential and not available to the public in any form.

Expunging a record differs from sealing in that it requires government agencies to destroy their files (digital included). Fingerprint and DNA evidence is not included in this destruction.

If the state has received an arrest report but did not file charges, charged you and later dropped the charges, or the court dismissed your case, then you qualify to expunge your record.

What’s the difference?
For the most part, sealing or expunging your record provides the same outcome. Although government agencies retain a copy of your files when the record is sealed, they are restricted from giving out the information, including the digital files. In both cases, the public will be unable to view your record.

It is important to keep in mind when attempting to seal or expunge your record that if you have ever been convicted of any crime, Florida prohibits you from sealing or expunging your record.

You need an Orlando Expungement Lawyer
If you are seeking to expunge or seal your record, Jerry Jenkins is an experienced expungement lawyer in Orlando, Florida. He knows the process for getting your past mistakes taken off the public record, allowing you to get on with your future.