Driving Under the Influence

Orlando DUI Defense Lawyer

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious criminal offense.  You will need an experienced DUI lawyer to fight for you.  A conviction for a DUI can lead to incarceration and your license will be suspended.  There are substantial consequences to you and your family.  Although Driving Under the Influence is the most publicized crime with groups running campaigns on the television and radio, there are defenses to the charges.

When Every Decision Matters…

As an experienced DUI Trial Lawyer and former Military Policeman, Jerry Jenkins can evaluate your case for any weakness.  Jerry attended the same trainings and seminars as prosecutors and knows what they will be looking for when prosecuting your case.  Additionally, as a Military Policeman, he was trained in performing and evaluating people suspected of being under the influence.

There are defenses to DUI investigations. You need an experienced Central Florida or Orlando DUI defense attorney to evaluate your case to ensure that the cops followed the rules. Challenges include the traffic stop, the reasons requiring sobriety tests and the breath test.   Jerry will evaluate your case to make sure law enforcement followed the law through every step of the investigation.

You must act fast in a DUI case if you want to challenge your driver’s license administrative suspension.  The administrative suspension is automatic if your arrested for DUI or refusal to blow.  You have two options:

1. Waive the Formal Review Hearing:  You will be allowed to get a Business Purpose Only license that will extend through the remainder of the administrative suspension.  If you wish to do this you only have 10 days to enroll in the DUI school and go to the DMV to file the paperwork to avoid any hard suspension time (time with no driving).

2. Challenge the Suspension:  You have 10 days to go to the DMV to file the paperwork.  They will extend your temporary permit until the hearing.  At which time you can challenge the legality of the Stop, Arrest and Implied Consent.  If you lose, then there is a hard suspension.

Jerry will evaluate your case from his experiences and fight for your rights.