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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Florida is one of the country’s most populous states, with one of the nation’s largest economies. So naturally, thousands of commercial vehicles take to the road every day. Different regulations, laws, and insurance requirements govern these vehicles.

In one recent year, the Florida DOT reported more than 32,000 accidents involving large trucks. These accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries. Unlike traditional motor vehicle accidents, more than one party is often involved when it comes to commercial vehicles. They may include:

  • The driver: In most cases, the driver will hold the majority of the liability in an accident. In such a case, the driver’s insurance will serve as the primary mode of payment.

  • The employer: Employers are responsible for making sure that they hire qualified, licensed drivers. This includes training, supervision, and drug testing. If an employer puts an unqualified driver on the road, it may face financial responsibilities.

  • A parts or truck manufacturer: Parts recalls happen all of the time. Tire blowouts, bad brakes, or transmission issues can lead to accidents. When this happens, the manufacturer may face some or all of the responsibility.

Because these accidents often involve different regulations and rules, talk to an attorney who has experience working with commercial vehicle accidents.

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